This week’s Borderlands 3 anniversary event centers around Twitch and postgame

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Twitch, y’all

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Borderlands 3 has been welcoming a ton of free events lately. The first involved extra boss drops, the second centered around rare enemy spawns and the third was an Eridium-based giveaway of sorts. This week the big gimmick is Twitch. Yep, Twitch. 

It’s actually called “Mayhem on Twitch,” and goes live today at 3:00PM PT. It’s two-fold: Mayhem mode (the endgame toggle) will enhance drop chances for Anointed gear, provide increased XP and reduce penalties. “Badass Viewer Events” on Twitch are also a thing and will occur more frequently.

Gearbox has permanently adjusted voting periods to make this Twitch connectivity a bit more interesting, and you’ll net a 100% rare chest event instead of the 1/4 standard rate. This is without a doubt the least interesting event of the bunch, as one could argue that the Mayhem alterations should be standard, and the Twitch stuff will only apply to a percentage of players out there.

So what’s next? Well Week 5 has already been spoiled, and it’s the Bloody Harvest event that will run well through the November date original given: this bad boy is live through December 5. After that Gearbox has a chance to wow us with paid DLC, which we have basically no details for yet.

Anniversary Celebration Week 4 [Gearbox]

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