This Week in the Community: Super Sayian Grandmas

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[This Week in the Community is your weekly look at some of the best Community related work that has come from the Community Blogs and Forums.]

Mxyzptlk and friends wowed all with their contest entry to the Darksiders contest. Now enjoy some of the outtakes and bonus footage from the production.

NARPs went down, people were showing off their weapons, check out the Mr. Destructoid face in Garry’s Mod, Tactix got an awesome Secret Santa gift, people are still Double Downing and more happened in the Community over th last couple of weeks.

Let’s Cybercast, episode 6 with guest Technophilia.

Dtoid San Francisco recaps the good times at the latest NARP. Also, check out DtoidSF on Twitter and Facebook. Here’s some pictures from the NARP host too.

Check out DtoidEurope for all your Europe based NARP needs!

Doomsday Forte has been around for a year. Punch babies, Doomsday!

Wilbo designed a Destructoid themed car in Mod Nation Racers.

321 gocast episode 5 and episode 6.

It was show off your weapons week for some random reason. PsychoSoldier, Genki-JAM and DaedHead8 all show off their tools of destruction.

Animucast episode 4.


Steamtoid crafted the Mr. Destructoid face in GMod. Sw33t!

A new remix from Super Mega Hyper has appeared and this one stars Chad Concelmo. It’s easily one of the best ones yet.

Tactix got the best Secret Santa gift ever!


stevenxonward made a groups section for Dtoiders on Flickr. If you got photos to share, then share away!

de BLOO recapped his first NARP adventure from the Dtoid North West meetup! Here’s some videos from Grumpy Turtle, too! Lots of videos, in fact.

Crunshii got the Darksiders sword and it made his grandma super powered!

Double downing still continues. Here’s Gobun’s disgusting Double Down attempt.

Happy birthday wishes go out to Mxyzptlk, psycho soldier, Tdiddy9182, Arrested Developer, Xzyliac, John B, Isay Isay, Nebones and Daxelman!

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