This Week in the Community: Sonic died for our sins

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Today’s gaming setup belongs to dethstryke and his collection spans not one, not two, not three but four blogs! dethstryke has a ton of games and a bunch of really rare games and systems. I never even heard of the RCA Studio II before! He also has some Vectrex stuff, which I have yet to ever see any in real life yet. Best of all, he has a Legend of Zelda blanket! Check out all of dethstryke’s blog to see his entire collection.

Anus Mcphanus is a zombie, GrumpyTurtle makes drawings, Sonic died for our sins, 100 reasons to go to PAX 2009 and plenty more happened this past week in the community.

Anus Mcphanus also got a chance to check out Resident Evil 5 with Wardrox at Capcom and Sony’s special little event. Anus won a ton of great prizes for looking like the best natural zombie!

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix Destructoid edition is easier than you think. Thanks, fetusmilk!

This past week, GrumpyTurtle made a ton of blogs showing off his awesome art skills

Eight things you didn’t know about Mighty Pinto. 

PacoDG went to Megacon 09 and got some sweet pictures of some cosplayers. 

A couple of DtoidAustin NARPS are fast approaching including one coinciding with the Destructoid three year anniversary. 

Sonic died for our sins, yo.

All your avatars are now belong to us. If you’re having an issues with your animated avatars, then send us an e-mail about it so we can fix it!

Here’s the updated completed games list for February. 

Dtoid Community Discusses gaming merchandise with guests Garison, FusionTR, MEE and Bigby. 

Oh boy, the new Destructoid helmet is going to kick ass!

Here’s 100 great reasons to go to PAX 2009 this year! Thanks to coonskin05 for making this!
DtoidUK is also throwing a NARP this coming week! GO TO IT!
Phallus Knife Fight is another awesome artist who’s been showing off a lot of his awesome art lately. Check out the badass Aaron Linde piece!
IroN1c went to the BIGGEST gaming convention EVER in Germany last week. 
BenHaskett will never stop Dragon Questing. 
Chad Concelmo sacrificed ten dolphins to get Resident Evil 5 early. 
UglyPhil knows the dirty truth. 
Happy birthday to Phist, Fist, Pissed, Lisa Guo, AngelsDontBurn, GoP Scarecrow, CelicaCrazed and Volte! 

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