This Week in the Community: Internal explody

This Week in the Community is your look at all the notable stuff that happened in the Destructoid Community during the past week.

Today’s gaming setup belongs to thinkfreemind. Every inch of his room is covered with videogames and anime related stuff. The fact that he can get around his room is quite amazing. Check out more pictures of thinkfreemind’s collection over on his Community blog.

Epic times were had at the BaltimoreDC NARP, Anthony almost exploded, the Forums are magical, Conrad Zimmerman tries vlogging, Necros updated the completed games list and plenty more happened within the Community this past week.

Highlights begin with some of the BaltimoreDC NARP recaps! Here’s a recap of most of the weekend, Spectral had a blast, Samit celebrated his birthday, karaoke party time of awesome fun, the food was pretty good and they find out who the fuck is Jim Sterling

Danzflor swag GET!

Aborto thefetus is already planning for San Diego Comic Con 2009. If you’re going to the con, let aborto know!

flaming burrito is making a Destructoid themed fight sticks. Neat!

Dtoid Community discusses competitive gaming with guests Madninja, Eternalplayer2345, Tdiddy9182 and Icarus.

This is what I would look like as Wolverine. Thanks, DJDuffy

Zangief is so nice!

Anthony almost exploded. But he didn’t so yay!


Half left shows us why the Forums are amazing.

mgmgarcia01 got a Kid Icarus tattoo to keep his Street Fighter tattoos company. Like the last time, mgmgarcia01’s tattoo came out amazing. 

Conrad Zimmerman tries out video blogging. What do you guys think? Want more of Conrad to do video stuff like this? Check out the second episode too. 
Gibbo has the power.
Necros updates the completed games list for the month of March and April.
JusticeDue made some amigurumi videogame characters!
bunnyrabbit2 has the power.
Kohlstream made a Street Fighter The Movie/Podtoid mashup. So cool!
Husky Hog has the power.
Faith made some pixelated garden things. 
Brad Nicholson is a man’s man
nilcam shows us how he makes his custom fight sticks. 
johpan has the power.
pixelpunx is looking for XNA programmers. Can anyone help him make his game?
10 cosas que son bastante aseada sobre BAHS 
DestructoidArtisans takes a closer look at Shadowsinthenyte.
FAILCAST episode 36 with special guest Tactix.
ChillyBilly scored big time! Check out his epic haul!
Happy birthday wishes go out to Takeshi, Jack Maverick, Coltrain, Banj, Johan Hin and Colette Bennett!

Hamza Aziz