This Week In Rock Band DLC: Rush and Red Hot Chili Peppers

That’s right, Toidertots, we’ve got next week’s rock offerings a couple days early. On July 8th (the 10th for you PSTriple-ites) Harmonix is serving up a delicious rock stew featuring Red Hot Chili Peppers tracks “Snow ((Hey Oh))” and “Tell Me Baby”, as well as Rush tracks “Closer to the Heart” and “Working Man.” Each track is $1.99 (160 Microsoft points) and all tracks are masters.

You read right: Harmonix has managed to wrangle a master version of “Working Man.” Not only a master, but a master with an alternate solo that has yet to be released publicly. Those of you that count themselves among the cult of Geddy Lee fans may need a moment to clean up the results of the pants-wetting excitement you just experienced. In the mean time, enjoy an intimate performance of “Closer to the Heart” featuring the musical stylings of none other than Bubbles himself.

[power-glove is a scholar and a gentleman]

Qais Fulton