This week in Destructoid

SlyTommyT.jpg Well, well, another week, another record-breaking, kick assfest for Destructoid. We sat down with Tommy Tallarico and we even danced with the devil — Jack Thompson. Check out the highlights for this momentous week in Dtoid history:

The Next-Gen Wars The Wiimote Q&A A Wii history lesson Real-time console change … for massive damage PS3 imperatives Does the Wii have an RPG issue? Gears of War is all that and a bag of chips Wii mania Grandma loves her Wii The PS3 start-up Wii is a sad panda Wii is a happy panda The PS3 is scaring me mommy More PS3 ad weirdness Old lady whips a Wii Dtoid sex Bully is gay — not that there’s anything wrong with that Rainbow Six gets kinky DotA brings all the girls to the yard Killer 7 loves interracial gangbangs Boobies … mmmmm … boobies Robot stuff Swag wars Dtoid robot wannabe Monday mind teaser CTZ is super uber Splinter Cell kills Summa Tuesday game debate Mc chris in da hizzouse Tommy hangs with Podtoid Playing a little Justice League Heroes Summa pwns Faith We gave away a Wii!!!! Gaming essentials Assassin’s Creed gets some fancy pants FIFA loves Hitler Trogdor up in Guitar Hero 2’s business EA loves your money Scut Farkus goes Postal Halo 3 details! Even more Halo 3 details!! Jack’s World The bully gets bullied Don’t drop the soap Prison rape averted … for now Jack the movie star Jack can’t read The aftermath
Robert Summa