This War of Mine DLC exists solely to help the kids

Doing good through games

This War of Mine takes a look at a part of conflict that videogames rarely explore: that of those who aren’t fighting for a side, but just fighting to survive. It’s a harrowing experience, one of the heaviest of 2014 to be sure.

With a small add-on, developer 11 bit studios aims to help those that its game depicts in desperate situations. Absolutely all revenue from the DLC will be donated to War Child, a charity that provides assistance to children in war-torn areas. The DLC comes at $1, $10, and $20 levels — all contributions unlock the same content, the only difference being how much you feel like donating.

The add-on provides street art throughout This War of Mine for the player to find and unlock. Artists M-City, Gabriel “Specter” Reese, SeaCreative, Emir Cerimovic, Fauxreel, and Mateusz Waluś all contributed. They’re doing a little bit to try to make the world a better place for those who have it unimaginably tough; won’t you, too?

Brett Makedonski
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