This vintage World of Warcraft poster has me nostalgic for the hubs of old

Pack your bags for the mystical Dalaran

A hub really helps make or break a World of Warcraft expansion for me. Going back to Dalaran was a highlight in Legion, and I’ll never forget the war-torn feel of Shattrath. This poster has me pining to return to the former yet again, though.

As found on Reddit from user Bal0rCIM, who re-created the work of artist Badgertracks, I’m a sucker for travel posters like the one below in the gallery. While the retouching is new, Badgertracks actually created these works six years ago in Photoshop using “hard brushes and clipping masks,” but they still absolutely hold up today. Badgertracks has also worked on Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and is currently employed at Creative Assembly at Sega.

You can find the rest of Badgertrack’s work here, which includes a wonderful take on Thunder Bluff, and mesmerizing visions of Ironforge, Undercity and Zangarmarsh. While the latter might get a lot of crap from people leveling up their characters years later in Outland, it remains one of my favorite MMO leveling zones of all time.

World of Warcraft [Badger Tracks via Reddit]

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