This video doesn’t end with the Battletoads beating up Major Nelson

Missed opportunity

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I wasted 92 seconds watching this animated interview, convinced that Zitz, Pimple, and Rash were gonna beat the living hell out of Xbox’s Major Nelson. Through straight-faced questions (a missed opportunity to get weirder with it), Major Nelson asks them if their game is good.

I will spare you the suspense and tell you that Major Nelson does not get his ass kicked. Pimple does not bodyslam him for wondering what kind of game Battletoads is. Rash doesn’t huge-foot kick him through the screen for the sheer audacity of asking whether they’re worried about the competition from other now-revived franchises.

You, however, may be curious as to what kind of game Battletoads ended up as. It’s not a straight beat-em-up like you may think. It’s a bizarre collection of mini-games and brawler segments, almost like a bunch of non sequiturs stitched together. It’s unexpected but it turned out fine! Check out Chris’ review for some insight as to the new Battletoads, or just go pick it up as a part of Xbox Game Pass.

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