This Unreal Engine 4 tribute to Metroid Prime is out of this world

Tallon Canyon never looked so good

Metroid Prime has one of the all-time great openings. After a hectic battle and escape sequence aboard a Space Pirate frigate, you touch down on Tallon IV, the setting for the rest of the lonely adventure. As raindrops roll down your visor, you have a chance to breathe — an opportunity to take in the natural beauty of an alien world just begging to be explored and cataloged. It’s such an awe-inspiring moment.

I’ve seen a bunch of mildly amusing Unreal Engine mock-ups, but this one takes it. YouTube user MilkyMax shared his “reimagining of the amazing atmosphere of the opening hours of Metroid Prime.”

The end result is a must-see for fans.

Watching this footage calls to mind memories of exploring Metroid Prime for the first time, and that’s probably the best compliment I could ever give it. A lot of love and thought went into crafting this.

We’ve heard so little about Metroid Prime 4 lately that it hasn’t been on my mind. That just changed.

[Via reddit]

Jordan Devore
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