This teaser is probably Borderlands 3, but who really knows?

Reveal set for tomorrow

As we inch ever closer to PAX East tomorrow, Gearbox Software is ramping up the teasers for its Borderlands related project. Many are speculating that this is indeed Borderlands 3, but who can really say? With the way current industry trends are going, this could very well be a Borderlands BR game. I wouldn’t put it past Gearbox, for instance.

Then again, maybe it’s both. There could be multiple Borderlands projects and this trailer’s message of “Mayhem is coming” could be literal. Mayhem would definitely ensue if two new entries in the series were announced at the same time. It’d be a pretty cool magic trick, at least.

We’ll find out for certain tomorrow when Gearbox takes to the stage at 2 pm EST. You can tune in at the official Borderlands website to make sure you see the news right as it airs.

Borderlands Teaser – Mask of Mayhem [Gearbox Official via YouTube]

Peter Glagowski
Former Dtoid staff member.