This Switch overview trailer is a great intro to Bayonetta

Counting the days until February 16

With Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 releasing for Nintendo Switch next Friday, I’m stoked knowing that a bunch of folks are about to beat the shit out of angels with a witch’s hair for the first time. I’m beaming.

Simply put, the Bayonetta series is an all-out riot. It shouldn’t be missed if you’re remotely into action games, particularly now that both titles will be easily accessible on a portable system many of us own and love and a third installment is in the works. Also, Enzo! Dear, sweet Enzo. Play for him too.

This latest trailer serves as an overview of all things Bayonetta for beginners and a refresher for those of you returning for round two on Switch. I don’t mind paying a full $60 for the pair.

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