This Switch arcade cabinet looks cramped, but neat as a showpiece

An expensive showpiece

I’m not sure if I’d pick one of these up, but if I saw one I’d immediately want to investigate it! A manufacturer in Japan is creating an arcade cabinet of sorts, modeled after the famous “face-to-face” style. It’ll house two Switch units into the base, which closes up to replicate an arcade screen, alongside of two Joy-Con for each side.

The separated Joy-Con shtick alone, along with the fact that you’d probably be hunched over on it without the perfect table setup ensures that it’s likely going to be uncomfortable, but again it would look pretty cool if I saw it in the wild. Note that the privilege for this cabinet will run you roughly $80 though once it’s released.

In the meantime you can find various 3D-printed/custom projects that will run you a lot less. Anyone remember the Red Tent?

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