This Street Fighter V mod returns R. Mika’s butt slap

Only on PC

Several months ago, Capcom decided to remove R. Mika’s cheeky butt slap from her animation repertoire in Street Fighter V. Equally cheeky fans have decided to add it back this week. As a mod only on PC, this reddit user (subreddit header NSFW) has re-created the move, which you can restore with the included instructions. Basically it just involves moving a few files around and you’re good. Cammy’s original introduction animation has also been restored.

It’s still a bit weird that something this goofy was removed, especially with the design Laura has in general. Other animations, including the terrifying Necali, a warrior who consumes souls, are probably far more harmful for young, innocent eyes.

Street Fighter V R.Mika Buttslap Fix Mod [reddit]

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