This Stardew Valley player set up a market right outside of Pierre’s

Stardew Valley Pierre's

And it’s even open Wednesdays

This Stardew Valley player market has one goal: stick it to Pierre. Setting up shop right outside of Pierre’s is a war cry, and although it’s more figurative than a literal mechanical clapback, I get it.

This perfect image by Redditor shiraa_ sums up a lot of people’s thoughts about Pierre: he’s closed on Wednesdays, and sucks. It’s that simple. If you’re confused as to why anyone would want to target a small business owner, you can read up on the juicy drama here. The CliffsNotes: he seemingly lies about the items in his shop and possibly has family issues he needs to work on. The fact that people discovered all of this is kind of mind-blowing, frankly.

These meta-narratives and fan creations are part of the reason why Stardew Valley has thrived all these years. Mods are a big part of it, but the world was created in such a way that it allows all of this to happen. There are so many characters that are actually fleshed out that they let you fill in the blanks and continue their adventures in thematic ways.

Very few games manage to do this, especially from big-name studios that try to juggle way too much; and especially from open world adventures that are often concerned with checklists over worldbuilding.

Chris Carter
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