This Stardew Valley mod marriage proposal is so wholesome


Stardew Valley is packed enough on its own: so much so that I haven’t really sought out the comfort of mods. But the modding scene has been incredibly robust ever since the game hit the market, to the point where just about anyone can whip up their own custom scenario. Enter this marriage proposal.

Posted on Reddit this past week by Chubbyloveshinobi, the scene is short and sweet, and apparently happened a couple of months ago. They say that the now-fiance actually proposed in real life, too, after the in-game event. What would have happened if they hit “no” in the game?

Chubbyloveshinobi says they are getting married next week. Good luck! This is the sort of thing we all need to be seeing more of right now.

I don’t know if this will present right [Reddit]

I don’t know if this will present right, but my guy made a cut scene and programmed it into our joint game to propose to me earlier this year <3 from r/StardewValley

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