This Spelunky run through hell is astounding

Also record breaking

The new world record for clearing Spelunky, including hell, is 3:44:411. Holy shit.

Despite knowing this run by D Tea would end successfully, I still got nervous watching it all unfold. What can I say? Rapidly navigating randomized areas with a teleporter while shopkeepers run wild puts me on edge. Even at a slow pace, there’s just so many ways to screw up in this game.

According to D Tea, “This was a seed where pretty much everything went right, apart from a few small factors like not having a compass. The fast start, shopkeeper de-aggro on 3-4, and a 42 second hell were all amazing (and lucky) things that made this run good.”

“The only realistic time saves here are in the temple with the somewhat slow 4-2 and 4-3 as well as Olmec with the hell door spawn being on the right side. Also shoutout to Krille71 for finding a consistent way to use paste bombs on Olmec since it wouldn’t have been WR without it!”

The crazy thing is, someone will eventually best this time.

Jordan Devore
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