This Space Jam/Splatoon audio mashup almost makes me not hate Space Jam

Space Jam is the devil

You know how a lot of Star Wars fans dislike Jar Jar Binks? As a life long Loony Tunes fan, that’s exactly how I felt about Space Jam when I first saw it, back when it was originally released in theaters. I was pretty sad about it.

My understanding is that a lot of ’90s kids really love the film. If you are one of those ’90s kids, I envy you. Regardless of when you were born and how you feel about Space Jam as a work of cinema, I think we can all agree that this delightful musical mashup of Splatoon and Space Jam by CyanBlur is nothing short of magic. Thanks to Claire Lara for the technical help and Astro for showing me this thing. 

Jonathan Holmes
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