This Smash Ultimate event poster features Kirby at his most masochistic

He’s…eating the plate

Just look at this poster. I mean, really look at it.

What might seem like an innocent ad for an upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate event is a tad more insidious the more you stare at it. All of them are completely possessed, eating meat products that may or may not consist of other combatants. Yoshi eats steak? I thought he was a vegetarian with all of the fruit from Super Mario World.

Bowser, Dedede and Wario? Yeah that checks out, though I can see Wario being secretly vegan when he’s not with his friends. But Kirby? He’s arguably the creepiest of them all, ready to eat the actual plates the food is on.

Rant aside, you probably want some info about this actual in-game thing, right? “All Mouth” starts on November 13 and will run through the weekend; allowing players to take control of fighters “whose deadliest weapon might be their mouth.” The levels are also “chock-full of consumables.”

It’s a neat idea! But that Kirby will probably haunt your dreams tonight. Here’s another look!

Nintendo of Europe [Twitter]

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