This simple Devil May Cry 5 mod does one thing: It gives Vergil a plastic chair throne

He pulled the devil trigger on that Walmart lawn and garden sale

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The Devil May Cry 5 modding scene has been vibrant ever since it was released, and these past few weeks have been no exception.

It all started with a series of tweets that eventually became a mod: the idea of Vergil’s decadent endgame throne getting replaced by those scrape-prone plastic lawn and garden chairs. It’s such a small touch, but when it plays out (like in Franctastic’s video below) it perfectly fits the otherwise dour mood that the scene otherwise exudes.

This is partially why so many folks are up in arms about the lack of a proper PC port for Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition. I want to see 4K60FPS mods for the “armies of enemies” mechanic. Maybe a 4K lawn chair? At the very least, previous platforms are getting Vergil as DLC.

So you can just imagine the chair and get all of the Vergil benefits.

Vergil Chair [Nexus Mods]

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