This seems like a bad title for a game, but it’s Snot

But seriously, don’t name games after bodily fluids

I’ll admit: I very nearly deleted the email about Snot without a second thought. How could a game named after nasal mucus be worth even a few seconds of my time? Still, I did my due diligence and played the video attached, and found something that looks like it could be a fun retro-styled exploration platformer.

The main gameplay hook is that the titular snail can collect an assortment of shells and imbue them with various elemental effects, then throw them in order to fight bosses and solve puzzles. It’s nothing mindblowing, but it looks like it could be a solid 16-bit title.

Snot is currently seeking approval on Steam Greenlight, and developer SuneX Games wants to migrate it to consoles after its PC release.

Darren Nakamura
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