This Scribblenauts plush is totally cute and for sale

Inspired by a free-for-all art contest hosted by Super Punch and the promise of the Nintendo DS videogame, Rosemary Travale created the above plushie-like doll of Maxwell, the protagonist of Scribblenauts.

The 14-inch tall creation has a variety of components. According to Travale, the body is canvas and linen, while the clothing is comprised of cotton. The gloves are vinyl and the adorable rooster hat — lest we forget how awesome it is — is made from fleece. The doll also has a foam star, makeshift headphones and a notebook and pencil.

If you’re thinking “DO WANT,” here’s the good news: Travale is currently selling this thing for 150 bones. The necessary contact information is available at her blog, which just so happens to be a place people can go to check out more images of this super hot and outrageously cute plushie.

[via Kotaku]

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