This roguelike Dark Souls mod randomizes enemies and bosses


I know what you’re thinking: a Dark Souls roguelike? That can go to hell! But hear me out.

Maybe you’ve played Dark Souls….oh I don’t know, 20 times by now. You’ve memorized everything from enemy placements to boss strategies. You know that by the time you hit [x] boss you have [x] item so you’re all good. This mod from Grimrukh changes all that and encourages randomized replays. That kind of rules.

The gist is that the mod turns the game into a roguelike experience, akin to Binding of Isaac or Dead Cells, in the words of its creator. Grimrukh says they completely altered enemy placements (as in, they aren’t just random models, but are in random locations that may not exist in From Software’s core game), as well as loot tables and even randomized bosses. 

Rescued allies will join you at the shrine to provide bonuses. You also need to run this gauntlet before you die five times: at which point you will lose your progress entirely and teleport back to Firelink Shrine on a fresh run. To be frank it’s like it’s an entirely new game. And that’s the best part about an optional mod: if this sounds really stupid to you, you don’t have to download it.

I’m utterly intrigued, however. Dark Souls has had its fair share of randomization mods, but this total conversion package is a way simpler way to aggregate it all.

Roguelike Souls [Nexus Mods]

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