This ridiculously powerful gaming PC probably costs more than your car

Will definitely become sentient one day

I’m currently in that exciting rush of upgrading my gaming PC. I’ve picked out the parts, and I’m waiting for it to be delivered, and I’m super excited to have a PC strong enough to handle even the most intensive upcoming games. Seriously, it’s going to be rad.

And then I see this $30k gaming PC, wonder why I bothered, and slink away to cry in a corner.

Built as part of a sponsorship deal with Kingston, tech YouTuber LinusTechTips gave himself the challenge of making a PC that can simultaneously run seven versions of Windows, with games running on each monitor. Basically, a one-machine LAN party that runs any game thrown at it at a decent framerate and resolution.

The result was probably the most intensive gaming PC I’ve ever seen. Using two 14-core CPUs, a total of 256GB of RAM, and seven high-end video cards, this would be way overkill for regular gaming use. This is one of those things that someone builds just because they can.

I want to see how it handles something like The Witcher 3 when all of its power is focused onto a single game. Plenty of games these days don’t handle multiple video cards or large amounts of RAM very well, so seeing how this machine scales down to running only one Windows at a time would be interesting.

Linus doesn’t give a definitive price, probably because the parts were donated by their various manufacturers, so I’ve done a quick and rough price breakdown using the part list he released on his forums:

  • Eight sticks of 32GB DDR4 RAM – $2454.72
  • Eight 1TB SSDs – roughly $3267.92, going off of the 960GB drive currently available.
  • Case – $399.95
  • Seven 34” curved-screen monitors – $10,003
  • Two 14-core 2.60GHz processors – $5312.64
  • Dual CPU Motherboard – $564.91
  • Seven AMD R9 Nano 4GB cards – $4543
  • 1500W PSU – $674.50

Total cost: $27,220.64

At last, there is finally a PC that could potentially run Arkham Knight at a playable framerate!

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