This replica Switch is made entirely out of paper and it’s blowing my mind

With removable Joy-Con

I’m always down to seek out and stare at amazing Nintendo crafting projects. This one is no exception.

As shared on reddit by user PandaWalkWithMe (David Lynch would be proud), this is a “1:1 Nintendo Switch, with detachable Joy-Con and a docking station, made entirely out of paper.” It was evidently a university project by their girlfriend, who is studying product design.

You can see how the Joy-Con detach here.

It really highlights how fun and unique the Switch design is. When the Joy-Con come on and off, I can hear that audible “snap/click.” Drifting aside (haha), the Switch is a really easy sell, notably because of how interesting it looks right off the shelf. Nintendo is going to keep selling these things and approaching the 100 million mark as we speak.

Where it’ll end up is anyone’s guess, though no one is in position to really challenge the roughly 155 million units of the PS2 and DS line.

Nintendo Switch in 1:1, with detachable Joy-Cons, Docking Station and everything, just out of Paper [reddit]

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