This Reddit post got me thinking…do you have a nerdy wedding ring?

This Zelda one qualifies

While perusing Reddit I came across this heartwarming Zelda post titled “My Wedding Ring,” from AD29. Apparently they ordered from Etsy five years ago, leading all sorts of commenters to explain that they also have the same ring, something similar in the Zelda family, or another nerdy sundry.

One particularly heartwarming story involves a wife who engraved it with the “it’s dangerous to go alone” quote, but the possibilities are endless here with all sorts of properties rife with tie-ins. It’s amazing to me that these people are sharing these experiences together, presumably for the rest of their lives — and it made me want to hear more stories.

As for me, I had one request — that my band looked vaguely like The One Ring. She obliged!

My Wedding Ring [Reddit]

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