This recreation of The Walking Dead in Fallout 4 is amazing

Rick doesn’t even have a beard yet

It’s Monday, and you’re still raging about last week’s The Walking Dead finale. I feel for you, friend.

Maybe a trip back to the good ole days – the days before Rick’s beard insanity, and Neegan and his merry band of psychopaths – may help? Especially if the innocence of TWD‘s season one trailer has been painstakingly recreated in Fallout 4 (via VG24/7).


I know what you’re thinking: sure, it looks good, but nothing special, Vik – stop hyping this up. Fine, my cynical friend – but now watch the original live-action trailer below to help you compare.

C’mon. You have to admit, it’s kinda awesome, right?

Following the disappointment of The Walking Dead Season 6 finale I have modded Fallout 4 and used console commands to recreate the season 1 trailer of the Walking Dead in Fallout 4,” says the creator, UpIsNotJump. “The video includes a few mods made by me that you won’t find on Nexus just yet, such as Rick Grimes’ Sheriff hat and clothes.”

“This video is part of a long running series where I remake or recreate trailers, movies and TV shows in Fallout 4 using mods or just by modding the game myself. Next on my list is [B]reaking Bad,” he adds. “I choose to mod the game and recreate the Walking Dead in Fallout 4 simply because the Ghouls in Fallout 4 are perfect to use as ‘Walkers.’

“Generally any show that uses guns and weapons though is perfect to be remade in Fallout 4 because its combat mechanics are so versatile.”

UpIsNotJump’s creation is possible thanks to a buttload of PC Nexus mods (which means it’s simply impossible to recreate on console).

Do you have a favourite remade-in-video-games recreations to help ease us into this Monday morning? Share your links below please!

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