This project gave backers a refund after it changed its art style

It evolved

Well this is an interesting one.

Some time ago, Steel Assault garnered $8,706 on top of a $8,000 goal for an 8-bit style platformer on Kickstarter. I think it mirrors the Batman NES game in all the best ways, offering up a darker style but still maintaining its retro roots. But things change.

Over time, the developers decided to go with a newer look, overhauling the game to feel more like an enhanced 16-bit project. Both of them look pretty great to me, but the project creators have taken it upon themselves to refund backers if they want, as this isn’t exactly what they signed up for — pretty noble if you ask me. Most of the backers seem content with the change, too.

I hadn’t heard of Steel Assault before this situation, but now I want to check it out.

Steel Assault II: A New Direction [Kickstarter]

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