This professional voice actor goes for it with a Shadow the Hedgehog audition

Shadow the Hedgehog

I wonder who will play him in the third movie

It’s not often that I get to talk about Shadow the Hedgehog, so I’ll definitely take this opportunity and run with it.

Like Waluigi (albeit less lovingly so), Shadow is often seen as an oddity of the universe he’s in, especially given his insane backstory and penchant for using guns. When juxtaposed to Sonic and most of his “friends,” he sticks out like a sore thumb. His polarizing reaction really doesn’t need an introduction.

But like all black sheep, he has a legion of fans, and his edgelord nature has been used to great effect in some Sonic media. One of my favorite semi-recent takes was Shadow showing up in the otherwise goofy Sonic Boom as a serious character, only to have Robotnik refer to him as a “fan favorite” and talk about how much people love him in a meta sense: needling the aforementioned debate over the merit of him.

In recent works, Shadow the Hedgehog is also coming back into the spotlight in a big way, given that he was distinctly teased at the end of the second Sonic feature film, and is fully confirmed to appear in Sonic Prime on Netflix. Plus, he’s always lurking on the sidelines for a shot at appearing in any given game. Now, actor Alejandro Saab is taking his shot at voicing the character in a demo reel of sorts he’s put out on Twitter, which you can listen to below.

Saab has worked on many gaming and TV projects, including Strangers of Paradise, Gunvolt Chronicles, and Final Fantasy VII Remake, as well as appearing as Leon in the Pokemon Journeys anime series. He also points out that he’s been voicing Shadow for Balena Productions YouTube videos since 2014.

One of the reasons I gravitated toward this story is that it’s just plain inspirational. These days a public post like this with more eyes could lead to an opportunity, which Saab would clearly be happy to take. Having spoken to a fleet of voice actors recently, the industry continues to fascinate me, and I know some of you out there have dreams of breaking in!

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