This Prince of Persia dev diary is all about the bad guys

The new Prince of Persia has been a point of discussion between the Destructoid editors for its unorthodox approach to in-game death. I, like many of my colleagues didn’t like the system at first, but I’m starting to come around now that I know more about it.

In the developer diary above, we’re shown a cool speed drawing of the game’s second boss, and the process involved in creating the animation for the beast.

The back-story is discussed a bit more thoroughly, including Elika and how you’ll be able to upgrade her abilities by collecting glowing orbs (this is Crackdown all over again!).

Prince of Persia

is heading up a December 2 release for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. Are you guys planning on getting this at launch, down the road, or never?

Jordan Devore
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