This Pokemon Generations short is a must-watch for fans

Pikachu vs. the world

The new Pokémon Generations shorts are, well, exactly that, but they’re a nostalgic delight. Particularly this first episode, “The Adventure,” which has a cool transition from the Red and Blue opening on Game Boy into a battle into the animation proper. I had to rewind and watch that part a few times.

What follows is a sequence of standalone scenes inspired by the games. Again, if you’ve experienced these moments for yourself, seeing them reinterpreted in an animation like this is pretty darn cool.

Episode two follows Detective Looker while he’s on the hunt for Team Rocket and its mastermind Giovanni. While it doesn’t have the same energy and scope as episode one, the music is on point. And it does have a Machamp and an Arcanine participating in a police breach operation.

The Pokémon Company plans to release weekly videos through December 23, 2016.

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