This PlayStation VR sale has some essential games

A lot of PSVR games are under $10

My PlayStation VR library has slowly but surely filled up thanks to PlayStation Store sales, and while I’m anxious to hear the particulars of Sony’s PS4-to-PS5 transition for virtual reality, I can’t resist jumping on good deals when they pop up. Many of these games, while fun, are too fleeting to buy at full price.

Sony is running a PlayStation VR sale with around 150 deals lasting through September 23, 2020.

I wouldn’t recommend all of these games for every type of PSVR owner, but here are my quick picks:

(No, Beat Saber isn’t on sale. Sorry! That said, it’s worth the money.)

Of this list, I’d say Superhot VR, Tetris Effect, and Astro Bot Rescue Mission are essential. For everything else – especially the older titles that are several bucks each – try to see what you’re getting into first.

This week, Sony is also highlighting upcoming VR games on the PlayStation Blog including Minecraft‘s PSVR update and Twilight Path. When’s the last time you used your headset? It’s been a bit for me.

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