This PlayStation montage recaps the best of the best PS4 games with one-second clips

Highlighting the games that ‘defined this generation’

I’m excited as anyone to get my hands on a PlayStation 5 and marathon Demon’s Souls with a sleepless binge, but with that said, I’m still having a wonderful time with my PS4, and I’ll continue to enjoy it right up until the new console shows up at my door. (Fingers crossed for no last-minute delivery delays.)

I’m not sure I’d have an answer if someone asked me to name my favorite console – I’m terrible at coming up with top tens for anything – but I know that the PlayStation 4 would be up there pretty high.

I’ve consistently liked this system since 2013, even back when it was little more than a Resogun machine for me. It brought about Bloodborne, one of my unshakable all-time besties, to say nothing of many other modern classics. I also loved PlayStation VR more than most people – it rekindled something inside me. Resident Evil 7 VR will go down as one of the best gaming experiences of my life.

Before I get any sappier, here’s a fun video to watch on the precipice of the PS5 launch. PlayStation Access edited a three-minute montage with “one second from every game that defined PS4.” It’s not just the usual obvious picks, either – you’re going to wonder what some of these games even are.

Many of the games in this video aren’t PlayStation exclusives, and some of them have undeniable flaws, but that’s what makes this list so interesting. On the whole, it really captures the last seven years.

It’s been a damn good run, one that’s worth reflecting on and celebrating.

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