This oil painting of Zelda’s Master Sword is hauntingly beautiful

It could be in a gallery somewhere

Zelda is one of the most conducive series for amazing fan art. It’s not just that most of the games in the series, 2D or 3D, are gorgeous, but the fact that there’s so many different art styles to choose from.

Artist Raerega opted for a classic — the Master Sword — by way of an oil painting, and it came out wonderfully. According to Raerega their father-in-law is a professional artist, and they decided to work together to create pop culture art like the above. This is their online gallery if you’re interested, which includes works as recent as the new God of War.

Raerega explains that the inspiration was simple — Zelda is one of their favorite series outside of Warcraft, a franchise that’s heavily represented on the above gallery. If I had more room on my walls I’d be tempted to order a print!

Pop Culture Oil Paintings [Lou Ironet Art via Reddit]

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