This No More Heroes 3 video really wants you to play Travis Strikes Again

Bad Girl’s back, all right!

We are a little more than four months away from the release of No More Heroes 3, which is more than enough time to drive into Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes if you haven’t yet. I can understand if you’ve avoided it thus far. I mean, I’ve seen its Metacritic score and as somebody who bought it day one, it’s a bit of a tough recommendation. If you haven’t tried it by now, you’re probably not going to at this point, but it’s clear the people at Grasshopper Manufacturer think you’re missing out by not giving it a go.

Yesterday, Suda51 hosted a live stream for No More Heroes 3 and out of that, we got this Garden of Sylvia video below. It gives a quick recap of the series, tells players to go look up anything it doesn’t tell you on Wikipedia, plugs Travis Strikes Again, and shows off some brief new footage from the upcoming sequel. I’m just happy to see Bad Girl and Shinobu fighting side-by-side.

What’s that? You thought Bad Girl was dead? Gee, I guess you should have played Travis Strikes Again then.

The video ends detailing a combo pack for Japan that bundles all three of the main games together in the Killion Dollar Trilogy. Nothing like that has been announced for North America, but as a reminder, if you like your games physical rather than digital, No More Heroes and Desperate Struggle currently have a pre-order up on Limited Run Games through this Sunday.

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