This new mod aims to remaster Final Fantasy VII in HD without going overboard

‘Final Fantasy VII | Satsuki Yatoshi Mod’

Final Fantasy VII will never be out of style.

Even if the remaster didn’t happen! Even if the remaster somehow doesn’t have a real end due to some freak accident. People will always try and bring back the original classic, as it was a formative JRPG for many folks. Like Chrono Trigger before it, it’s one of the biggest “gateway JRPGs” in history.

That’s partially why so many prospective modders are messing with it, even now. Take this Satsuki Yatoshi Mod, for instance. Calling itself the “most accurate modern take on the PC version,” this mod outfit is using deep learning AI techniques to really get it right.

The mod is billed as a “cleaner, more detailed” version than past “HD mods,” upscaling the game with AI. Interestingly, they don’t want to get “too upscaled.” No: they’re looking to not have an “oversharp or overclean effect,” so that it feels constant and still true to the original.

You can get a good look at the comparison between the Steam/PC version and the mod below. These preservationists are doing the lord’s work!

Chris Carter
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