This new Katamari Damacy Reroll bundle is the cutest thing

The Prince is cuddly

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Some intrepid eyes on the internet have discovered that a new retail bundle for Katamari Damacy Reroll on Switch is heading to retail shelves tomorrow (September 20). Containing a digital copy for the game on Switch along with Fangamer’s “Prince and Katamari Ball Plush,” the $49.99 package is decent little way to get both the game and cuddly buddy for slightly cheaper. In fact, you’ll save roughly $16 going this route.

I mostly just want the plush, though. Thankfully, he’s still available from Fangamer directly. He’ll set you back $36 and the game, itself, goes for $29.99 on both Switch and PC. As I said, this is a cheaper way to get both if you happen to want the game on Switch. So far this is exclusive to GameStop, but I’d imagine other retail chains will be receiving them.

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