This new Evil Within 2 trailer is just the right kind of demented

He just wants a little father-daughter time

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Action-packed trailers for survival horror games are always kind of an oddball necessity. Effective survival horror is tense and plodding, a long buildup of dread before the dreadful stuff actually happens. However, trailers best serve the game by getting as many intense moments into a short video as possible. They’re kind of at odds with one another.

That being said, this new trailer for The Evil Within 2 seems to split the difference rather nicely. Lots of action while also showing off a bunch of the gruesome and deranged monsters. Special nods to the alternate hell version of Pyro from Team Fortress 2 and to the guy with baby arms coming out of his face.

The big hope here is that The Evil Within 2 has a story that does these horrors justice. Jordan played a slice of the game a few weeks ago but couldn’t get a proper feel for the bigger picture. It looks to have the right pieces, it just needs to put the puzzle together.

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