This monster is so big it could barely fit into Evolve

So they made him DLC

The Behemoth, Evolve‘s fourth monster, is a big boy. “He was literally made as large as we could make him,” says developer Turtle Rock Studios. The dude is so big he can’t even jump.

Jumping is totally overrated, though. Leave that to the bunnies. This creature can roll around, throw exploding balls of magma, snatch up prey with its harpoon-like tongue and isolate them further by summoning walls of rock. Trouble is, being so huge makes the guy an easy target.

Sadly, the Behemoth is being held hostage as a DLC pre-order bonus. If you wait to buy the game, you’ll need to fork over $15 to acquire the monster when it becomes available this spring.

Evolve’s fourth monster: Behemoth [Evolve]

Kyle MacGregor Burleson