This Monster Hunter fan animation captures the Nergigante’s worst traits

Don’t forget to wear the right armor combination

When I fought the Nergigante with my friends during the Monster Hunter: World beta, I knew there was something off about the creature. Lo and behold, NCH Productions unleashed a short that confirms my superstition about the 15-minute hunt.

I’m not sure if this was a coincidence, but I went through a good amount of the issues covered in the animator’s piece. Of course, the thing that felt strange was the range of the Elder Dragon’s moves. While it reminded me of my early screw-ups, NCH’s timing worked well in making the moments feel hilarious.

Seeing that he creates these animations when a new Monster Hunter game launches, it’s going to be fun seeing NCH’s future shorts as we tackle World’s current and future content. One thing for sure, I can’t wait to see his new takes on a certain green T-Rex.

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