This Mario Golf: Super Rush Toad AI is so forgiving he seems paid off

Mario Golf: Super Rush Toad AI

I’m gonna pay you $100 to screw off

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Mario Golf: Super Rush, like many golf games, has been polarizing so far. Camelot is still doing their thing making endless sports games for Nintendo (and not Golden Sun), but this recent video from Redditor Castor_volk has me looking twice at this Toad AI. Simply amazing stuff.

In the clip we see the player as Rosalina sink a birdie. But AI Toad, not content with going for an easy eagle putt, decides to turn around and smack the ball the other way with a driver, Happy Gilmore style. Then they smack it back, after safely knowing that their human opponent sunk it in: agonizingly, the clip stops before we find out if they hit it in with their approach wedge (AW).

This is entering “Toad was paid off” territory, to the likes of which AI doesn’t typically stoop to. It’s both frustrating to see and amazing to watch.

It also made me ponder all of the times that the AI maybe let me win. But I was quickly sated by recalling every time that the AI absolutely cheated, so it balanced out. Watching AI breakdowns is a great way to spend an entire day!

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