This Magikarp cosplay brings back wonderful memories

Take that, Fifty Shades

Oh. Oh now this is the sort of stuff I like to see, Sev Cosplay. It reminds me of an important time in my life…

The last time I ventured to Hoenn was a journey I will never forget. It was a long, lazy summer full of friends and adventures, but one particular day changed my life forever. It was the day I met Magikarp. He was there, just splashing in the shallow outside Dewford Town, his golden scales reflecting majestically in the summer sun. Something about it mesmerised me, and so I let him have my rod.

Straight away, he grabbed on tight. He wasn’t going to let go for anything, and I didn’t want him to. In that moment, we were one. Our minds and souls had joined, and I felt his entire being change.

He had unleashed his mighty Gyarodos, tens of feet long. I was beyond words to see him in all of his glory. He looked at me, his mouth wide and full of white, glistening teeth, and he unleashed a huge hydro pump, and I woke up two days later in the Pokémon centre.

I still look out to the sea, hoping to see a small glimmer of gold beneath the water. I have yet to experience anything like it.

Thanks for capturing dear Magikarp in all his glory, John Jiao Photography. I well up just thinking about him.

Joe Parlock