This looks like the PSPgo, but it totally isn’t

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Not bad, China. When you rip off something, you usually do a crap job. This? This looks like a PSPgo at first glace. Maybe even second glance. But it misses the mark on closer examination.

What you’re seeing here is the PXP-2000. That’s right. They seriously went with the name PXP. This is the latest in the long line of pachimono (the term for knock-offs). This one slides open, just like the PSPgo. But when you start playing, you’ll notice a difference — this does not play PSP games. Instead, you can run emulators to play NES, Gameboy, Super Nintendo and Genesis games. It also plays multimedia, has an FM tuner, sports 2GB of built-in storage, and can take more memory via an SD slot.

Wait, this sounds better than the PSPgo! I kid, Sony. Mostly.

Japanese page ITmedia says that this knock-off is supposed to sell for $149. Right.

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