This long lost Game Boy Advance brings me back to the banana yellow days of hardware

Sorry, ‘lemon yellow’

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I’ll never stop singing the praises of the Game Boy Advance.

Whether it’s the original model or the SP (which might be the best handheld ever made): the power to play years of classics built in, on top of all of the new GBA games that would become modern classics, is priceless. Okay, you can put a price on it, but still, you get my point.

To that end, “Developer Jeff,” a video game conservationist and hardware enthusiast, gave us this lovely relic the other day: the “Lemon Yellow” GBA! Jeff contends that this was prototype hardware that never actually went to market. They promise “more photos and a teardown coming soon.”

It makes perfect sense that this color was toyed with by Nintendo! They’re huge fans of yellow variations, with the special Pokemon “Pikachu Yellow” edition, Donkey Kong “Banana Yellow,” and more accessible “Dandelion” style Game Boy Color serving as a few of the most iconic old school handhelds.

Developer Jeff [Twitter]

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