This LEGO replica of Impa’s house from Zelda: Breath of the Wild is off to a good start

Every journey starts somewhere

After taking a look at this partially finished replica of Impa’s house from Zelda: Breath of the Wild that a friend turned me onto this morning, I just had to peruse creator Jonas Kramm’s Instagram account and give it a shoutout. There’s a ton of amazing work here, including a recent update of his Impa project, which now has most of the house done in addition to the memorable front staircase.

I love the idea of going into the game and just painstakingly combing over every detail to render a real life model of it. It’s something he’ll probably spend hours doing without making any progress with the critical story path. Again, it’s amazing that certain games can have this effect on people, and despite your issues with Breath of the Wild, you can likely appreciate its cultural impact.

Legopard [Reddit]

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