This Legend of Zelda mecha mashup is delightful

Maybe we’ll see a Link Gundam in Mario Kart 9

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Model artist Khris Ramirez does some fantastic work, but I just had to share this mashup of The Legend of Zelda with the SD Neo Zeong Gundam. I love that Link not only perfectly fits inside, but he’s also operating it with his tiny hands.

As far-fetched as it may seem, we’ll probably see Link ride a mecha at one point. I mean we probably didn’t count on him getting his own motorcycle in Mario Kart 8, much less being in Mario Kart 8, and with the high-tech Sheika angle in Breath of the Wild, it’s entirely possible that Nintendo will return to that theme eventually (as well as the small amounts of futuristic tech sprinkled in many games in the series).

It’s also a perfect opportunity for Blizzard to capitalize on for a D.Va skin, either in Overwatch or Heroes of the Storm.

Khrisamisu [Facebook via Kotaku]

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