This Legend of Zelda art featuring generations of Link and Zelda is stunning

I love how each variation is so memorable

As soon as I stumbled across this Legend of Zelda artwork from artist John Su, a host of emotions rushed over me. First my eyes were immediately drawn to the Breath of the Wild versions of Link and Zelda, as those are the centerpiece, but eventually I wandered down to the rest of the links (ha) in the chain.

Wind Waker Link, Twilight Princess Link, Spirit Tracks Zelda: all of them are absolutely identifiable, not only due to the skill of the artist, but Nintendo’s knack for creating undying, memorable characters. A few years back I went through the entire Zelda series and found something to like from each entry, even some of the ones that were lower on my list. This piece single-handedly exemplifies why in one image.

Although I’m looking a gift horse in the mouth a bit, a piece on Ganon would be spectacular. Out of all of the characters that have wildly different looks from game to game, he’s up there. Every so often I’ll change my mind, but my current favorite is probably his Wind Waker incarnation. My favorite Link and Zelda collectively is probably Twilight Princess.

Chris Carter
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