This kid’s homemade Legend of Zelda Link costume will brighten my spirits for an entire week

Kids, man

Life changes quickly, and for the most part, I’ve embraced it. Being a kid is great but getting older and wiser has been an incredible experience: I can synthesize this feeling down to staying up all night eating ice cream and playing video games whenever I want, occasionally with my wife, who I get to see nearly every single day.

Now I’ve added a kid to that equation and I truly understand what “family” means. Being a part of one is its own special reward (depending on your family of course), but making one is a new quest, a new adventure, which is part of what makes life so great.

Reddit user BerIsHer’s son is also embarking on a micro-adventure of a different kind. They showed off his amazing homemade Link costume and Epona, something I can only hope to do one day for my daughter in Zelda form. It really does seem like the perfect series to introduce to kids.

At this point I have a ton of source material to draw from: this artist already gave me ideas for a Zelda nursery years back!

My son’s homemade Link costume [Reddit]

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