This is your PAX East 2011 show floor

The folks at Penny Arcade revealed the floor map for PAX East 2011 and you can expect a ton of games to be at the show. You have your regulars like Electronic Arts, Valve, 2K Games, Harmonix, Xbox, Ubisoft and plenty more all with games to show off.

Off the top of my head, I know Twisted Pixel will have The Gunstringer and Ms. Splosion Man. 2K will have Duke Nukem Forever. And The Behemoth will have Dan Paladin signing everyone’s nipples all day long (hopefully.)

Going to PAX East? Well you better make sure you join Destructoid on all the fun stuff we plan on doing! Join our Google Group so you know what’s up. Oh, and if you’re not going because you couldn’t get yourself a pass? Well you’re in luck thanks to the awesome folks at Ska Studios. Details on how to win a 3-day pass over here.

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