This is why we shouldn’t write off Trials HD so easily

When it comes to the second annual XBLA “Summer of Arcade” line-up, one game more than any other appears to be the odd man out for most people. Although you could probably argue otherwise, I would suggest that it is Trials HD.

We were handed some new footage of the physics-based racing game, and believe it or not, I’m beginning to come around. The fact that it has an online enabled level creator had me looking already, but the more I see of Trials HD, the more interested I become.

I never got around to playing Trials on PC, but I don’t need to play it to tell you that it’s going to be awesome when you’re good at it and can pull off stunts like the person in the trailer. On the flip side, Trials HD will almost certainly be dreadful when you suck at it and also cause you to cry out harsh phrases.

But sometimes, you need a game that’s not afraid to kick your ass.

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